Arabic for Non Arabs

Arabic for Non-Arabs

Arabic for Non-Arabs

Arabic for Non Arabs

Arabic for Non-Arabs in Oman is very important in countries like Oman. First of all, Al-Wasil Language Institute (ALI) seeks to become a leading center. It focusses on the teaching of Arabic to non-Arabs speakers.

Therefore, through its programs, the (ALI) seeks to impart knowledge within and outside of the Institute. The Arabic language is a tool of knowledge. Also, it’s a means of communication among Muslims and other friendly peoples. Furthermore, it’s a repository of the Arab Islamic heritage.

However, the main reason for (ALI) is for teaching Arabic to non-Arabs in Oman. Also, the institute promotes the teaching of Arabic to speakers of other languages.

Al-Wasil Language Institute introduces distinctive education. It focuses on providing students with the four basic skills. These skills are: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Also, by teaching simplified grammar and spelling.

The methodology

The methodology for teaching Arabic to non-Arabs in Oman is modern. Therefore, it allows the learning of the Arabic language in a progressive and logical manner. Also, this method is based on modern programmed learning systems. In addition, it has many enhancement by using textbooks and Compact Discs.

Furthermore, this methodology develops and supports self-learning.

As a result, the method is suitable for both young and adult beginners. Furthermore, it’s for those who have never learned the Arabic Alphabet. 

Above all, we offer Training Courses for all levels and for Arabic to non-Arabs. In addition, Students are invited if they are a complete beginner interested in learning a new language. Likewise, if you are an experienced speaker looking to improve your existing skills.

Finally, if you are unsure of your level, we will happily schedule a free assessment. Almost, it will be with no obligations before the course begins.