Arabic for Academic Purposes

Arabic for Academic Purposes

Do you want to develop your research skills in the Arabic language and literature?

Do you want to acquire the skills necessary for graduate studies?

Do you want to find out about possible research prospects in language and literature?

Experienced experts in Arabic language, literature, and criticism will instruct participants

Accreditation certificates will be awarded to students on completion of the course.

Brief Description

Experts in Arabic language, literature, and criticism conduct this course, which investigates the different stages of writing research papers in Arabic and Arabic studies (linguistics, literature, criticism, cultural studies and humanities).


  • To assist researchers in diagnosing and overcoming writing problems in academic texts through planning, collecting scientific material, writing drafts and revising texts
  • Acquiring the skills of editing and becoming familiar with relevant scientific terms

The First Course

furnishes students with the skills to recognize problems that may arise in written academic Arabic texts and the ability to overcome common errors from the very beginning.

The Second Course

demonstrates how to successfully summarise, clearly explain and comment on texts, formulate ideas, create titles and subtitles, make footnotes and endnotes, and select references professionally and systematically.

The Third Course

teaches the skills to build sentences and create paragraphs that clearly support ideas and opinions. In addition, linguistic editing, the use of terminology, creating citations, documenting ideas and developing academic research plans are covered.