Arabic Creative Writing Program

Arabic Creative Writing Program

Do you want to acquire creative writing skills? Do you want to discover your talent in creative writing? Do you dream of becoming a poet, short-story writer, novelist, playwright or journalist? Achieve your ambitions by studying with our experienced creative writing experts and teachers.

Brief Description

The program takes each student through the different stages of learning to become a writer of poetry, short stories, novels, dramas, plays, articles or personal texts.

The program as a whole teaches students how to overcome potential problems during the creative writing process including planning, writing, editing and final drafting, as well as other skills.


  • To assist researchers in diagnosing and overcoming writing problems in academic texts through planning, collecting scientific material, writing drafts and revising texts
  • Acquiring the skills of editing and becoming familiar with relevant scientific terms

The First Course

teaches students the different skills needed to write Arabic poetry as well as instruction on how to create the exciting rhymes and rhythms of Arabic poetry.

The course will require a large amount of reading and the analysis of a variety of Arabic poetry throughout ages (ancient, medieval and modern).

The Second Course

teaches the necessary skills required to write short stories and novels through reading Arab and international texts and learning the techniques needed to build anecdotal perspectives, time and characters in parallel with other subjects related to storytelling.

The Third Course

deals with the skills needed to write drama and plays and present them as artistic works through intensive reading of Arab and international plays, drama and theatrical works. Other skills, such as creating plots, scenes, and characters for the theatre will be taught.

The Fourth Course

focuses on articles and personal texts in all their structural forms including repeated readings and analyses of samples taken from Arabic texts together with learning the basics of how to create them. Students will also study how to build sentences and paragraphs and how to associate personal ideas and opinions with available data, in addition to learning linguistic and grammatical rules.